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2017 Appeal – Special Exhibitions

Special Exhibition Programme

10% funded

After recent grant successes, we are developing a rolling programme of national and international touring exhibitions for our new special exhibition gallery that will open in November with the Winds and Words of War exhibition. We already have a programme that takes us into 2018 but are now planning for 2019 and beyond.

We have an exciting opportunity to host a touring exhibition called ‘Snakes – a slither into a secretive life’. This child-friendly exhibition delves into the fascinating life of snakes, bringing to light their beauty, mystery and amazing natural history. Using taxidermy, skeletal mounts and award winning photography “Snakes…” demonstrates the distinctive features and behaviours of these extraordinary creatures. The exhibition is supported by trails and activities for children.
Focussing on four main types of habitat, the exhibition looks at how snakes have adapted to live there successfully and asks key questions including:

  • How do they reproduce and grow?
  • How do they protect themselves from predators?
  • How do they sense their surroundings?
  • How are snakes able to capture prey?

We are asking for your help to secure this fascinating exhibition. ‘Snakes’ is timed to be open during the school holidays, and we are aiming to attract parents and grandparents to the museum and to raise awareness of our own natural history collections. The exhibition will cost £9,000 to host, including transport, graphics and display case hire.

Creating a special exhibition gallery is a key part of our Strategic Plan. We are aiming to broaden our appeal and to increase our audiences. We have been working hard to secure funding for this important development from three different sources. We have been awarded £37,000 under the Ready to Borrow Scheme, our successful Wessex Museums Partnership bid to the Arts Council includes funding for an Exhibitions Officer and the Oexmann family gave a generous donation in memory of Richard Oexmann.

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