Bush Barrow - early dagger

About 45cms south of the skull of the skeleton a collection of bronze rivets, together with fragments of bronze sheet and wood were found. They were thought by William Cunnington to be the remains of a shield, and by others a box or helmet. However, recent work by experts means that they are more likely to be rivets from a Beaker period stud-hilted dagger or knife - some 300 years older than the other finds from Bush Barrow - and dating to about 2,200 BC. It is very similar to another early knife-dagger found in the parish of Milston, on the other side of the River Avon.

This early dagger might either have been old when it was buried - perhaps an heirloom, or it may be from an earlier burial that Cunnington did not notice when he was excavating.

This early date is about the time when the enormous circle of sarsen stones and the horseshoe of trilithons at Stonehenge were erected, and the earlier burial would have been of very high status. It is possible that this person had a direct connection with the construction of Stonehenge.
Bush Barrow - early dagger

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