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Museum GalleriesThere are a number of different galleries in the museum devoted to the archaeology, recent history, natural history and the art of Wiltshire. They show the county's rich and varied heritage, particularly its prehistory, and are displayed alongside a comprehensive library of Wiltshire books. Every gallery has certain special things to see and do.

Foyer - Giant Ammonites.

Shop - Cartoon by John Piper, Monkton Deverill church bell.

1. Neolithic - West Kennet Long Barrow finds, make a Bronze Age pot.

2. Bronze Age - Finds from Bush Barrow, Bronze Age flute from Wilsford, John Britton's 'Celtic Cabinet', Stonehenge Urn, gold bracelet from Potterne, be a pot sherd detective.

3. Henge - Models of Stonehenge and Avebury, build a henge.

4. Iron Age - Marlborough Bucket, Chute money box, jigsaws.

5. Roman - Figure of a Roman legionary, Littlecote Roman villa model, silver eye from Box, 'Hunting Dog' mosaic from Cherhill, pot which held the 'Cunetio Hoard', dress up in Roman clothing.

6. Saxon - Frankish throwing axe from Pewsey, Saxon gold jewellery from Roundway Down, Cletic brooches from Calne and Cherhill, take rubbings of the 'Square-Headed Brooch'.

7. Middle Ages - Silver seal of Geve of Calston, gilt-bronze spur from Ludgershall Castle, Monkton Farleigh knight, deadly guisarme, manticore from Ogbourne, mural of Geve of Calston's house, brass rubbing.

Please note that access to the Middle Ages Gallery will be restricted on Tuesday 20 June 2017 for work on the mural to be undertaken

8. Recent History - Iron cello from Milton Lilbourne, Bishop Cannings giant drum, Cunnington telephones, Rowde ox, military rocking horse, listen to real Wiltshire dialogue.

9. Art Gallery - Stained glass window by John Piper.

10. Natural History - Boxing hares, Wiltshire bustards, large segmented ammonite, guess the animal sounds.
Please note, the Natural History gallery is currently closed.

Library - Come in to take a look around a 'real' library.

Stairs - 'Standing Stone', David Inshaw's painting of Avebury and Graham Arnold's painting of the Alton Barnes white horse among many other artworks.


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