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The Secrets Within the Earth: Workshop

An exciting workshop with Face in the Trees –

A collaboration between three people, a student of folklore, an artist and a storyteller. Where we share our love and enthusiasm for the legends and folklore of the British isles. Creating workshops and events where participants learn about specific aspects of our folklore, make silver talismans, enjoy storytelling and sharing.

The Secrets of the Earth, exploring the connections between the landscape and folklore of the British Isles. Many stories and traditions are rooted in the land beneath our feet. Archaeology and folklore studies often intersect each other as sites and landscape features can be representative of, or a focus for, local traditions and cultural practices (such as the Uffington Horse and the Rollright Stones). To help us explore this we are very pleased to have our special guest, senior archaeologist, Richard Osgood (Digging for Britain) joining us for the day. Richard will guide us through the complexities and secrets that archaeology can reveal using local finds from the museum to illustrate his examples. As guests of the Wilshire Museum in Devizes we will have special access to the museum with a unique opportunity to view certain artefacts and objects that will illustrate these secrets.

There will be examples of folklore and tales from Pamela Thom-Rowe and PhiltheTree and each participant will make a silver replica of one of the Museums artefacts under the expert tuition of artist Hannah Willow.

This is not a WANHS event, so please book direct with the organisers.  Cost £140 per person includes tea and coffee, all materials and a complementary booklet. A deposit of £40 must be paid to secure a place and is non-refundable.  Please message Face in the Trees at for a booking form and more information.

Wiltshire Museum

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