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Sir Thomas Long Helmet

Sir Thomas long and His Helmet

Who was Thomas long?

Sir Thomas long was a member of parliament for Cricklade between 1442 to 1449. He was also sheriff for Wiltshire in 1500 and again in 1506 twice in a row also in his spare time he was a landowner for south wraxall and Draycot. He was born in 1451 and died age 58 in 1509.


What are his achievements?

He received a knighthood in 1501 after he was among the great campaign of noble men with Edward the Duke of Buckingham to meet Henry VII at Taunton in pursuit. Perkin Warbeck is where he received his knighthood.

 He inherited land from his uncle which is now called south wraxall and he received land from his father which is now called Draycot near Chippenham.

He was elected sheriff of Wiltshire twice in 1500 and again in 1506. In 1491 was elected member of parliament for Cricklade in 1442 then for Wiltshire in 1449.

He was also elected member for Westbury in 1491. so overall he had a massive 8 overall achievements.


Where is he buried?

Sir Thomas long is buried at Draycot St James church. Thomas is entombed in a rich gothique altar.


More facts about Sir Thomas Long:

Sir Thomas long fought in the battle of the war of the roses. Thomas even attended the coronation of Henry VIII in 1509.


When was he born?

He was born in 1451 in Wiltshire Draycot.


The helmet:

The helmet is from Milan Italy. It dates to 1440 11 years before he was born. The comb which is running down the back of the neck identifies as Italian. The helmet was even used for the war of the roses which Sir Thomas long was a part of. The helmet is a flat top Cylinder of steel that completely covers the head so if you were to wear it. It would affect your peripheral vision for bit while you are wearing it.In the summer it would overheat due to the cloth and fibber padding inside so it basically a oven in the summer. The helmet had small openings for
breathing which means it could be very diffcult to breath at times. The Great Helm is what the helmet was called was normally painted or lacqured. sadly the helmet was later replaced
in 1500. 

The helmet of Sir Thomas long is located in the wiltshire Musume in Devzies in the medvial display. There you can see the actal helmet he wore! So come and check it out. Trust me you
wont be dispointed!
Article By Tom McBurney