Environment Gallery

Our Environment Gallery tells the story of Wiltshire from the very beginning - back in the Jurassic Period - all the way up to present day climate change. We would normally have lots of things to touch and listen to in our galleries, but for health and safety we have removed many of these. We have moved as many activities online as we can.

The environment is everything that we see and feel around us. It is made of natural forces and elements such as earth and water, and living things such as plants and animals.

Our planet's environment has changed enormously in the 4,600 million years it has existed. Many natural factors are resposible for these changes. However, we are also having an effect on the planet as our poulation grows and our technologies advance.


Activities At home

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Bats worksheet

Fossil wordsearch

Find out more about climate change:

National Geographic 4 Kids

How we can help our environment:

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Make your own fossils at home

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Examine our mammoth tooth in three dimensional detail

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Bats are just one of many species currently under threat. They play an important role in our environment as a predator at the top of their food chain. Wiltshire has 18 species of bat, some of which are very rare. They emit high-pitched sounds when flying. We can identify many bats by listening to their calls. Click to button below to listen to the sounds of 4 of Wiltshire's bats. Image (c) Hugh Clark

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