Wiltshire Murders


Written By: Nicola Sly
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: The History Press (2009)
Language: English
ISBN: 9780752448961

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Wiltshire Murders brings together numerous murderous tales, some which were little known outside the county, and others which made national headlines. Contained within the pages of this book are the stories behind some of the most heinous crimes ever committed in Wiltshire. They include the murder of Eliza Jones, stabbed to death by her common-law husband in 1836; the shooting of a policeman in 1892; Mary Ann Nash, who disposed of her illegitimate son in 1907 by dropping him into a disused well; and Edward Richards, who died in Trowbridge during an attempted robbery in 1925. Nicola Sly’s carefully researched, well-illustrated and enthralling text will appeal to anyone interested in the shady side of Wiltshire’s history, and should give much food for thought.

Includes trials heard at the Devizes Assize Court.

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