Where in Wiltshire?

During the lockdown, we have been challenging our online audiences to pinpoint #WhereinWiltshire these old photographs were taken.
Quarantine has given us an opportunity to sort through images in our Library and Archive - resulting in uncovering some fascinating photographs from the last century.

How many locations can you decipher? See below for a list of available bonus points.
Scroll to the bottom for the answers.

Thanks for playing!


1) Bonus points awarded for the name of the street and best dog name

2) Bonus points for newsagent name and make of the car

3) Bonus points for the decade and church name

4) Bonus points for builder of house (part 1) and name of the cottage (part 2)

5) Bonus points for what occasion was being celebrated

6) Bonus points for whose visited warranted such grand decoration and why were they visiting

7) Bonus points for which monarch was being proclaimed.

8) Bonus points if you can tell us anything about the car. Double bonus if you can remember your first vehicle's make and model.

9) Bonus points if you can the inn. Double bonus points if you can narrow down the date.

10) Bonus points for the decade. Double bonus points for the make or model of any of the cars.

11) Bonus points for the name of the church.

12) Bonus points for the decade. Double bonus points for the best dog name and backstory.

Scroll down for the answers




















  1. Avebury. (Bonus Street: Green Street) (Dog's name: Up to you! We quite liked Sarsen and Roundabout...)
  2. Devizes, corner of Sheep Street. (Ducks newsagent) (We're not entirely sure, but points for either a Ford Prefect or Anglia)
  3. Marlborough High Street. (1960s) (St Peters Church)
  4. Roundway Park. (Builder: George Willy) (Swiss Cottage) - this was tricky! The House was altered in the 1700s by architect James Wyatt.
  5. Malmesbury. (Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee)
  6. Devizes. (The Prince of Wales) (Reviewing The Prince of Wales Own Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry Calvary)
  7. Melksham. (Proclamation of George V)
  8. Bradford of Avon. (We have no idea about the car... but are looking into it)
  9. Corsham. (The Pack Horse. 1900s)
  10. Lacock. (1960s. Your guess is better than ours when it comes to cars!)
  11. Box. (St thomas a becket church)
  12. Mere. (1910s)


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