Wildlife in the red activities

Explore Wildlife in the Red - Wessex Museum's first online exhibition.

Wildlife in the Red presents a range of natural history objects and environmental issues.

Our part of the exhibition focuses on the Donald Grose Herbarium - two large wooden cabinets containing 9,000 sheets of pressed plants, collected by Donald Grose. We're teaming up with the organisation Plantlife, based in Salisbury, with the aim of raising awareness on wildflower meadows and the dangers these vital habitats are currently facing.

Have a go at the activities below and find out more about your local environment.

Spring Activities

Make your own snowdrop card!

Fun and easy way to make a colourful spring card - perfect for Mother's Day!

Download the instructions here.





Toadstool Crafts!

Seen lots of fungi on your woodland walks? Use them as inspiration for your next craft sessions with this simple toadstool activity. Remember not to touch any real fungi - then can be deadly poisonous!


Download the instructions here.

Spotter Sheets

How many wildflowers can you recognise? Get out and about in Wiltshire this winter and see how many wildflowers you can spot. Be careful not to pick them - some are poisionous!

Download spotter sheets from Plantlife:

March spotter sheet

April spotter sheet

Fungi_ID sheet

Autumn Winter Activities












Download sheets here:

Make clay leaf bowls

Design your own nature prints

Create an autumn leaf collage

Learn about biodiversity with Plantlife!

Get creative and make your own biodiversity journal

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