Open Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm.

Art Film Screen Screening: SPOIL HEAP

The film screening will feature a selection of specially curated films ranging from documentary and cine-poems to performative and experimental works. Ideas of identity within specific places of a landscape and the relationship of people, animals and the land are navigated in dialogues of rurality.
Archaeological processes are focused upon through the inquiry of excavations present in the Vale of Pewsey, referencing neolithic activities, objects and modern archaeological methods. More experimental works re-appropriate and redefine historical narratives to re-imagine neolithic narratives allowing the opportunity for new questions to emerge.

SPOIL HEAP is an exhibition that re-imagines, re-appropriates and re-positions archaeology and art. Experience a diverse collection of art pieces which range from installations that embody the henge to scanning technologies that investigate textural qualities of excavated matter. Immerse yourself in revived pagan rituals, reworked manual tools and contemporary artifacts that infiltrate and challenge historical conventions.

In responding to Neolithic excavation experiences from Marden Henge, artists and archaeologists are brought together to exhibit and exchange interdisciplinary processes such as flint knapping, meditation workshops, experimental film screenings and schools workshops. This unique opportunity opens up lines of communication to explore new horizons within these collaborative methods. The exhibition will propose a series of fragmented narratives structured around a section of a trench–like form are a series of propositions: slow tv of a mindfulness walk, a fabricated burial, embellished objects and ephemeral site specific works. A present space which questions how site and experience are revisited and reimagined within the museum. Interactive 3d printed sculptures re-map a landscape: objects and boundaries labour and rest.

Free entry to Art Film Screening
12 – 2pm Saturday 2nd September

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