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Are you (or someone you know) aged 14-21 and interested in history, design, media, storytelling or architecture? Perhaps you are thinking about a career in museums, want to boost your CV or meet new people?

Be part of Wiltshire Museum’s Youth Advisory Board and have your say as we design a new museum for Devizes. Get in touch with Claire on claire.slack@wiltshiremuseum.org.uk to find out more or join today.image of the Assize Court

Museum Youth Panel

Our Youth Panel work on a variety of projects at the Museum. It's a great way to meet new people and get involved in heritage & history.
Their work includes:

    • Creating new interactives for the galleries
    • Organising events for the museum
    • Giving opinions & guidance on development plans

We have very limited spaces on our panel but expect to have more in early 2024.
The panel meet on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month between 1-3pm at the Museum. If you are interested in joining the youth panel, please email hello@wiltshiremuseum.org.uk


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Duke of Edinburgh Award

In 2023 our Duke of Edinburgh Award opportunities are linked to our Youth Panel. More opportunities will be available in 2024.



Work Experience

Our work experience programme is now full for 2024. We will be hosting more opportunities in 2025.

Please click here to apply. Or contact hello@wiltshiremuseum.org.uk.


Student Work

Exploring the Collections


Hear how students from Lavington School transformed plans for the Devizes Assize Court into Virtual Reality!

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Listen to the first season of our youth panel's podcast - all about weird and wacky stories in Wiltshire

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“Why did I decide to Volunteer?”

“As part of my Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s award, I chose to volunteer here at the museum. I enjoy history and volunteering at the museum has allowed me to explore about the amazing artifacts found in our area and even discover why certain practices or objects have been used or buried by people from our past.

Part of my volunteering has been writing articles about objects that people might miss or skip over normally, and going into depth about why they were so significant at their time. Doing this has allowed me to learn more about our history and how we have evolved over time, as well as how different cultures have mixed with ours to influence our ancestors and eventually create the familiar principles and beliefs we know today. Having had the time to look around the museum myself, writing and researching the objects within has given me the opportunity to be curious (possibly I’m just naturally nosy?) and ask questions such as: where did the object originate?; why was a particular component was used?; who would have influenced this?; what it was used for?; when was it introduced? However, volunteering has also given me the means to sate this curiosity and to share with others what I have discovered, (hopefully!) interesting them as well.

I also help with front of house, learning how the till works (but not handling cash because I’m under 16 (Year 10)), how I should greet people visiting and helping out with the shop. Understanding how to restock the shop and how the balance of items sold and the order of new stock works has helped me to be aware of how shops work and appreciate more what goes on behind scenes in the real world and in the museum that I visited as a child. Despite the prospect of doing stock seeming boring, I enjoyed the process as it felt like I had contributed towards the museum more than usual (also I felt really quite important holding the clipboard!).

Volunteering here has made me feel as though I am doing something for the community, – despite also feeling, quite selfishly, very, very pleased with myself for being a better person – as well as helping the staff here at the museum, and it is something I look forward to each week, telling my friends about what I do here with a smile on my face. So, yes, volunteering is definitely a great idea and everyone who is thinking about it should get involved, not just here at the museum, but anywhere.”


Sasha Minnis, Duke of Edinburgh Student

“Our names our Joe, Tom and Aidan. We have been volunteering at the Wiltshire Museum for around 3 months now. Over this time we have been working on projects and learning more about the items in the museum.

Joe has been writing articles for the museum’s website including ones about throwing axes and fossilised plesiosaur bones. Tom and Aidan have been creating a digital interactive experience on PowerPoint to be placed in the museum. Over this time, we have had many ups and downs such as the PowerPoint failing to work an innumerable amount of times! The Museum has helped us in many ways over our time here such as guiding us through what to do on our PowerPoint and providing us with an enjoyable time at the museum. Joe has also been lucky enough to learn all about the museum and it wonderful artefacts.

While we may have only spent around 3 months at museum so far – we do plan to keep volunteering here and continue our help over at the museum even while it may not be for our dofe award so that we are able to expand our knowledge of our local heritage.”


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