6th Devizes Scouts- Digital workshop

We have been working throughout the pandemic to help keep our community connected. This winter, we have been working with uniformed groups in our area inspired by our #MuseumConnect Videos.

The 6th Devizes Scouts & Cubs have been working with the Museum and have brought their spirit of fun and willingness to embrace something different and have a go, to our workshops ... all delivered on Zoom. We were able to virtually explore the Donald Grosse Herbarium, part of the Museum's natural history collection. We've also been able to learn about biodiversity with the help of our partner charity, Plantlife, and to work with local artist James Aldridge via video.

The Scout & Cubs have been meeting digitally throughout the pandemic and have been able to keep their group social and chatty an describe themselves as 'good hectic and full of laughter' and thank their leaders Peter and Scott for keeping their meetings 'always interesting and always something different”

Both groups have created their own biodiversity journals, which they are still working on, to help them pay more attention to the natural world around them.

We hope this inspires you to get outside and have a go at making your own journal.

Explore their wonderful work below!

This project is supported by the Arts Council England via the Wessex Museums Partnership and inspired by the Wessex Museums Digital Exhibition – Wildlife in the Red. 

These are a few things the Scouts and Guides had to say about making and using their Biodiversity Journal.

“I noticed that the plants in my estate are not from this country. The plants that people have in their gardens are often imported from somewhere else”

"Its the first time I have noticed some of these leaves"


"I did a study of a dandelion, I noticed a ladybug, a bee and other insects while I was looking"


"On a route a walk everyday I picked up things I found to show my route"


"I don't usually focus in silence. I paid more attention"


"I noticed willow trees, one of the only British plants"


"I kayaked to Potterne and noticed more bugs, birds and plants than I would have imagined"


Get Inspired! Learn how to make your own journal with James Aldridge

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