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Street Art Project unveiled at the Devizes Assize Court

3 yong people hanging a colourful banner onto a metal railing

Have you seen the new addition to the railings on the Devizes Assize Court? These banners are the culmination of a recent street art project we ran in conjunction with the Youth Justice Service and Emerald Team.

Together, we worked with a group of young offenders, or those at risk of offending, to develop their confidence and creative skills with the aim to divert them from criminal or anti-social behaviours. Working alongside street artist Nick Halahan of Olas Arts, the young people learnt new creative skills, built friendships and created these amazing pieces of art, which have been displayed outside the Assize court.

A graffiti piece of pink and blue. The Youth Justice Service Wiltshire logo is stamped in the centre.
Two young people fixing a colourful graffiti banner to a metal railing
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