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Wiltshire Museum cares for almost one million artefacts that tell our county’s story. Some urgently need conservation work and your help to fund specialist care would be greatly appreciated. You can support the whole cost or donate a smaller sum towards the restoration. You could leave a sum to us in your will. Your kind action will be recorded on our documentation system and when the object becomes one of our website 'Collections Highlights', making you part of the object’s story, as well as preserving it for future generations. It’s also a perfect gift for that ‘person who has everything’. Below, you can see some of the items that need care; there are others if you have a specific subject area that you would like to support. Our curatorial team look forward to meeting you and showing you the object that you would like to help, both before and after its conservation.

Please contact us on hello@wiltshiremuseum.org.uk or 01380 727369

Lucretia Withers
Unknown artist, c1760


Oil painting featuring Lucretia Withers, wife of Devizes goldsmith Ralph Withers and daughter of Ralph Good, goldsmith and mayor of Devizes. Requires conservation and cleaning.

Width 605 mm; height 730 mm

Cost: £1,500 + VAT

Portrait of a Georgian lady - Lucretia Withers

Medieval gilt-bronze spur from the Royal Castle at Ludgershall.


Dated to 1350-1400, the tumultuous years of the War of the Roses and the decade  afterwards.

This item is normally on display in the museum, with your help we can conserve it so it can return it to the gallery.

Cost : £500 plus VAT

Medieval spur, gilt bronze

Oil painting showing a sunset with a sheher's hut in the foregound and Stonehenge on the horizon

Shepherds’ hut with Stonehenge on the horizon Unknown artist

Atmospheric nineteenth century oil painting requiring conservation and cleaning.
Height 295 mm; width 445 mm.

Cost: £1,000 + VAT.

Fragmentary shallow bronze bowl

Late Roman Irchester bowl
Dates from 284 - 476 AD

DZSWS 2018.6

This type of bowl was usually part of a dinner service or perhaps for handwashing and was designed to hang from the ceiling.  Found in Lacock in 2017, roughly a third of the bowl is missing and requires conservation.

Cost: £1500 plus VAT.

Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, Third Marquis of Lansdowne
DZSWS: 2000.1004

This characterful portrait requires conservation and cleaning.

Width 650 mm; height 730 mm

Cost: £1,500 + VAT

Oval oil portrait shwoing a distinguished elderly gentleman

Volume of Kemm watercolours of Wiltshire, c.1860
DZSWS: 1982.1077- 2338

This compilation of watercolours is a fascinating architectural record of Wiltshire’s churches in the 1860s. It contains 1261 pages, which urgently need rebinding.

This page shows a stained glass window at Amesbury.

Height 235 mm; width 348 mm


Thank you to the Donor who has now made it possible to rebind this volume of Victorian watercolours.

Watercolour of two stained glass windows, one showing the Virgin Mary

Oil painting showing skulls and horns of two skulls of aurochs, an extinct species of wild cattle

‘The Melksham Ox’
Thomas Barker, 1838

Showing a skull of bos primigenius found in the Avon at Melksham 1838. Bos primigeniusis is a species of ferocious widl cattle, better known as aurochs, which became extinct in the Mesolithic period, some 7,000 years ago.

This oil painting requires extensive conservation work to restore it to its full glory.

Height 865 mm; width 1550 mm’

Cost: £ £3,000 + VAT

Letters from key pioneer archaeologists to William Cunnington, 1798-1810.


This bound volume of letters is in desperate need of separating into focused volumes, cleaning and re-binding. An associated letter book has been conserved in 2020, with great results

You will helping to preserve letters on archaeological and publishing matters from a variety of correspondents, principally John Britton, Rev Edward Duke, Rev James Douglas, A B Lambert, H. Johnson, William Martin, Rev Thomas Leman, James Sowerby, William Owen and others. The volume also includes a few drawings and copies of some of Cunnington's replies.

Cost : £6,600 + VAT

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