Telling Wiltshire's Story: inspiring people to explore the archaeology, history and environment of Wiltshire


Prehistoric Wiltshire: Gold from the time of Stonehenge

Half a million years of Wiltshire's story told in a £500,000 gallery featuring high quality graphics and accurate reconstructions based on the latest research.

On display are dozens of spectacular treasures dating to the time of Stonehenge, including the famous Bush Barrow lozenge. These treasures wre worn by the chieftains and shamans who held their ceremonies at Stonehenge.

There is lots for children too! Follow Archie and Ollie on a gallery trail, build Stonehenge, examine evidence under a micriscope and try on Bronze Age costumes.

Prehistoric Wiltshire Gallery featuring Gold from the Time of Stonehenge showing th Bush Barrow reconstruction

Saxons: The Making of the Kingdom of Wessex

See the exquisite jewellery and battle-scarred weapons that tell of alliances and conflict between the kingdoms of Wessex and Mercia.

Thsi beautifully designed gallery features the gold and garnet jewellery that belonged to a Saxon Abbess who lived at the time when Christianity was brought to Wiltshire and one of the first English shillings made of gold.

Find out about the story of King Alfred and his fight-back against Viking Invaders at the decisive Battle of Edington.

View of cases in our Saxon Wiltshire Gallery

Devizes: Explore the fascinating story

Discover a time before the town, how Devizes got its unusual name, its Norman roots and medieval street plan. Learn the story of the Moonraker legend and the town's Georgian prosperity.

See finds from our Norman castle, discover more about the town's involvement in the 12th century battle for the throne between Stephen and Matilda and the Royalist victory at the Battle of ROundway during the Civil War.

Share memories of Devizes landmarks, shops and the town today.

Children in costume looking at objects on display in the Story of Devizes Gallery
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