Museum Connect

Museum Connect is a video project we have been working on together with local artists - to bring our collection to you at home. Over summer and autumn 2020 we will be releasing a series of videos inspired by our collections. We hope they will help you get creative, wherever you are!

How to get involved:

1) Pick a video that interests you.

2) Watch the introduction to the object and see the artist creating their own work at home.

3) Watch the second half of the video as the artist shows you how to create you own art work.

4) Gather some materials, and get creative!

5) Share your creations with us across our social media platforms @WiltshireMuseum #MuseumConnect

A big thanks to local artists Rachel Heard, Jane Scott, Emma Kerr and Matthew Dean for working with us on this project and bringing their artistic skills and ideas to share with us. This project is funded by the Wessex Museums Partnership.

You can use these videos to compliment your visit to the museum now that we are open again, or use them as a standalone way to find out more about local art and history and have fun.

We can't wait to see what you create.


Places and Spaces – Landscape of the Megaliths

Inspired by the Paul Nash lithograph, ‘Landscape of the Megaliths’ artist Rachel Heard, creates her own art work in response to the image and demonstrates how you can make your own artwork of a heritage landscape at home. Rachel is Resident artist at Pound Arts, Corsham and a collaborator with Arts Together. Facebook and Instagram - @rachelheardart

Artist Biographies

Rachel Heard: grew up in Calne, Wiltshire, going on to gain her BA in Art and Aesthetics in Cardiff in 2003. Moving to Corsham in 2007, she has continued her practice with commissions, running workshops, talks, teaching and exhibiting. With work included in Chippenham Museum’s contemporary art collection and currently Artist in residence at The Pound Arts Centre in Corsham, she has an upcoming solo show planned for 2021. Inspired by natural forms and phenomena and our human relationship with the environment, Heard’s artwork is based on an intuitive response in colour and composition. Searching for organic pattern and beauty in nature is a key aspect of her abstract paintings. Find her on Facebook and Instagram: @rachelheardart

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