We love Wiltshire!

Our mission is to inspire people to explore the archaeology, history and natural environment of Wiltshire.


We welcome everyone, building meaningful connections through a shared passion for our past, present and future.

Our Eric Walrond exhibition celebrates the life of this Carribean author who was at the heart of the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920's. He moved to Wiltshire in 1939 and struggled with mental health issues while a resident of Roundway Hospital in Devizes.


We inspire curiosity and creativity through the discovery of our collections and stories.

Amy, a member of our Youth Panel, won an award from Devizes Town Council for her support for the Museum, including adding sensory 'smelly' boxes to our Roman displays.


We are a collaborative space for encouraging well-being, enabling research and sharing knowledge.

Young people, supported by the Wiltshire Council Youth Justice Team, created a Street Art banner for the Assize Court.


We will bring joy to future generations by celebrating life in Wiltshire today and by caring for our Nationally important collections.

We welcome an average of 30 specialist post-graduate researchers to the Museum each year to work on our collections.

Group of four volunteers with our Director at the presentation of the Marsh Award for volunteering at the British Museum.


We act with integrity, and we can be counted on.

The Values of Wiltshire Museum

Ruth Kerr and Rachael Holtom

Staff, volunteers and Trustees have worked together to prepare a set of values for the Museum, which were presented at our AGM in November 2023.

Values sit alongside our mission of inspiring people to explore the archaeology, history and environment of Wiltshire. It has been interesting imagining how the founders of the Archaeological Society in 1853 and subsequent generations of members would agree with them, albeit with different phrasing! These values apply to our current location and will change as the Assizes for Devizes Project progresses.

What are values?

We all have values or principles that we live our lives by. They guide us through the decisions we make, such as jobs, friends, politics and the charities that we support.

Why do organisations have values?

They help organisations to:

  • set standards and principles
  • clarify what an organisation believes, in turn helping to decide strategy and approach
  • help bind a team together,so that we are 'working to the same hymn sheet'
  • reflect our values in everything we do, including branding and commercial operations

And, crucially for a charity, values can help attract support and funding. As individuals, we often donate to charities 'after our own heart', and for our Museum and or future plans, this is extremely important.

Sessions to develop our values were led by Museum staff and Trustees experienced in this work. Thanks to Ruth Kerr (Museum Trustee) and Lucy Maxwell-Scott (Devizes Assize Court Trustee) for their help.

November 2023

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