Reminiscence at home

Objects are wonderful conversation starters and help to get people thinking about and discussing their memories. The Museum is offering free video resources to help people create their own reminiscence activities @home.

These videos can be used by anyone as a conversation starter and we hope they may be particularly useful for:

  • Care settings
  • Carers supporting someone at home who is living with Dementia.
  • Older people who are isolating or shielding and family members living separately.

Each video:

  • Focuses on some objects from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s
  • Is between 3 and 5 minutes long
  • Contains an introduction to the object and some questions to get people thinking about their memories

We aim to release one new video per week.

One of our key areas of community work is delivering talks and reminiscence sessions for local care settings and community groups. In April, we were due to train up a small team of volunteers to help us deliver that work with new reminiscence resources.

Though it may be a while until we can return to this project, it is still really important to use to reach out to these members of our community.

Let us know if you use the resources! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @WiltshireMuseum



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