Deposition Guidelines

These documents lay out the criteria which must be met in order for Wiltshire Museum to accept an archaeological archive for long term storage.  They should be read in conjunction with our Collections Development Policy. By accepting an archive for deposition, Wiltshire Museum is committing to the long-term care of that archive in line with current best practice recommendations.

Storage fees charged to commercial organisations depositing archives with us contribute to, but do not completely cover the costs of, the long-term physical storage of the archive, and staff time in documenting, promoting, and providing access to the archive over its lifetime. In this context access includes (but is not limited to) display, researcher access, outreach, education, loan and online promotion.

All archaeology archives must be deposited with a completed Deposition Form. This spreadsheet enables the Museum to import your data directly into the MODES collections management system. This is also outlined in the Deposition Guidelines. Without a completed spreadsheet, signed off by the Curator, the Museum will not accept any archive into the archaeology collection.

These Wiltshre Museum Guidelines have been informed by the recommendations of the Seeing the Light of Day project.


  • Lisa Brown

Copyright: Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society