Exhibition poster with portrait of man smartly dressed in a suit, with bridge at Bradford on Avon and gateway to Roundway Hospital

Eric Walrond: A Caribbean Writer living in Wiltshire

This exhibition tells the story of Eric Walrond, spotlighting his time in Wiltshire, drawing attention to his writing and the political issues which he sought to tackle. Exhibition extended to 9 March! Eric Walrond (1898 – 1966) was an unassuming Caribbean man who lived in Bradford on Avon,…

Lest We Forget: the Black Contribution to the World Wars in Wiltshire

This exhibition aims to respectfully tell some of the stories and experiences of the Black community living and working in the Armed Forces in Wiltshire during the World Wars of the 20th Century. Using stories of individual soldiers, videos and artworks from local craft groups discover more about Black…

Black and white photograph of an old man, carrying a bundle of sticks on his back. A grey beard underlining his weathered face, the figure stoops whilst apparently pausing for the photographer, his leathery hands grasp the pole supporting the bundle of hazel on his back.

A Wiltshire Thatcher – a Photographic Journey through Victorian Wessex

This exhibition celebrates the work of Ernest Farmer, who today is little-known but was a leading figure in the development of photography as an art form. Through the exhibition, we will show how Farmer captured the spirit of people, villages and landscapes of Wiltshire and Dorset that were so much…

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