4th Devizes Guides and Rangers - Digital workshop

We have been working throughout the pandemic to help keep our community connected. This winter, we have been working with uniformed groups in our area inspired by our #MuseumConnect Videos.

The 4th Devizes Guides and Rangers have been working with the Wiltshire Museum this January and have used this project to notice the plant life that is starting to emerge, even this early in the year as we all look forward to spring. We were able to virtually explore the Donald Grosse Herbarium, part of the Museum's natural history collection. We've also been able to learn about biodiversity with the help of our partner charity, Plantlife, and to work with local artist James Aldridge via video.

We hope this inspires you to get outside and have a go at making your own journal.

Explore their wonderful work below!

This project is supported by the Arts Council England via the Wessex Museums Partnership and inspired by the Wessex Museums Digital Exhibition – Wildlife in the Red. 

A screenshot of children holding up their artwork
Children's artwork on paper. Colour leaves painted on to white paper
Children's artwork on a paper. Included drawings of animals and leaves
A colour page of children's artwork. Featuring leaves
Children's artwork of green leaves and text

These are a few things the Guides and Rangers had to say about making and using their Biodiversity Journal.

“We did three walks and did a map of where we walked and we did leaf rubbings and a drawing of a berry in pencil.”

“We did a really long walk … I might do this walk more often now”

“ I noticed for the first time that some of the leaves have seed in them!”

“ I created a flower from the leaves I collected …. You don’t usually look at things that closely”

“ I also made a fact file about squirrels when got back”

“I never noticed the variety of trees there were, until now”

“ We did colour leaf rubbings and added real moss and a pressing of a fern leaf and an evergreen leaf ….. we did it together”


Get Inspired! Learn how to make your own journal with James Aldridge

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