Meaning of Things

Sarah, our Community Curator, has been running a number of project over the last 6 months looking at the work of museums through the questions “What do we keep?” and “Why do we keep them?”.

Our Wessex Women project took inspiration from Iron Age pottery in our collections, excavated by Maud Cunnington, a 'trowel-blazing' archaeologist. We spoke to local women about what work means to them through an object of theirs and filmed their stories.

There will be more Meaning of Things content to follow. But now we want to get as many people as possible involved in finding and sharing fond memories and connections, while we are all @home.

Here are two short videos by Sarah explaining how you can get involved, and example video about a single glove that she will treasure forever.

Have a go yourself and email to let us know. We will then send you instructions on how to send it to us.

What is important to you ...

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