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Eerie-on-Sea: Family Activity Session

Search for strange creatures and spooky spectres! The Eerie-on-Sea Monster Museum Tour

Join us this October half term to search for strange creatures and spooky spectres as part of the national Eerie-on-Sea Monster Museum Tour from Kids in Museums and Walker Books. The trail celebrates the release of the latest book in the Eerie-on-Sea Mysteries series: Mermedusa by Thomas Taylor.

* Can you spot all the monsters of the mysterious seaside town of Eerie-on-Sea?

* Complete the trail and get a free Eerie-on-Sea bookmark and sticker!

Mermedusa by Thomas Taylor
It is midwinter once again, and the hosts of a paranormal podcast have descended on Eerie-on-Sea eager for a sighting of the legendary malamander. Herbert Lemon, Lost-and-Founder at the Grand Nautilus Hotel, is feeling uneasy – and not just because of the visitors. He’s plagued by unsettling dreams, and the head-splitting “Eerie Hum” that is reverberating through the town.

Something is dreadfully wrong, and it seems to be emanating from Eerie’s very core. Herbie and his friend Violet Parma will need all their courage as they head deep below the town to seek answers. Perhaps here, finally, they – and the malamander too – will discover the Deepest Secret of Eerie-on-Sea.

Cost: FREE for under 18s with a paying adult.

Runs from Wednesday 18 October to Saturday 4 November 2023, during usual Museum opening times.

Wiltshire Museum

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