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LECTURE and BOOK LAUNCH: St Giles Imber: In a Different Light

Offering a different perspective on the historic church of Imber this lecture coincides with a book that focuses on the study and research of the Wiltshire Medieval Graffiti Survey and its discoveries within the church of St Giles. It goes beyond the current status of the village and delves into the 15th century where a glimpse of how life was lived through its folk art and historical graffiti can be seen.

The Imber frieze, hidden away within the tower, encapsulates a time beyond memory and offers a snapshot of a celebratory event likely associated with the tower construction. Informal art perhaps, but not lacking in detail, the folk art has many endearing qualities that draw in the viewer offering a unique snapshot of a day in the life of the village of Imber within the late medieval period.

Tony Hack MA FSA is an archaeologist specialising in digital imagery & leads the Wiltshire Medieval Graffiti Survey

Tickets: £8 (£5 WANHS members; £4 students with an email address) – booking essential.

Time: Start 2.30pm

Location: Wiltshire Museum (we are not able to make this a 'hybrid' event)

The new book will be available to purchase on the day, or online (we will add an ordering link when available).

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Images (C)Tony Hack

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