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Inspired by Bush Barrow

Margaret Marsden

Golden Lozenge and Belt Hook - Margaret Marsden

Display of gold objects buried with the Bush Barrow chieftain, including a gold lozenge, gold-studded daggers and a mace. Includes an image showing hwo the Chieftain may have appeared and the barrow in which he was buried, close to Stonehenge.

Margaret’s Inspiration

Less than half a mile to the south of Stonehenge on the top of the Normanton Down ridge, lies Bush Barrow – Britain’s richest Bronze Age burial.

The barrow is raised over the burial of Cheiftan and was first recorded by William Stukeley in 1743. It was later excavated by a small team, led by William Cunnington.

The Bush Barrow Chieftain would have died in about 1950BC and was buried with the objects that symbolised his power and authority – an axe, ceremonial mace, belt hook, gold sheet lozenge and two bronze daggers. His axe and daggers resemble those carved on the stones at Stonehenge.

The Chieftan’s belt hook is described as ‘the epitome of Wessex symmetry and precision’. In fine condition and decorated by incredibly precise curved lines, it is likely the belt hook was rarely used.

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