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Inspired by the Golden Lozenge

Jean and John Carter

Golden Lozenge - by Jean Carter and John Carter

Jean and John’s Inspiration

These pieces are inspired by the Bush Barrow golden lozenge.

Less than half a mile to the south of Stonehenge lies Bush Barrow, on the top of the Normanton Down ridge. The barrow was raised over the burial of a Chieftain, and is Britain’s richest Bronze Age burial.

The Bush Barrow Chieftain died in about 1950BC and was buried with the objects that symbolised his power and authority – an axe, ceremonial mace, gold sheet lozenge and two bronze daggers.

The large gold lozenge is made of sheet gold decorated with impressed lines, and would have been wrapped around a thin piece of wood. it’s likely use would have been to fasten a cloak.

The angle of the line on the lozenge is 80 degrees, which is the same angle as between the position of sunrise on the horizon at the summer and winter solstices.

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