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Peter and Ann Smith on the arrival of the Judge

Peter: And then the Assize Courts and the Assize Courts were like the supreme court nowadays sort of thing. The main court and the Assize Court the judge would sit.
Ann: He’d arrive with a fanfare and red carpet
Peter: On the first day, all the policemen would arrive and I suppose the only nod towards a formal uniform was they gave us all white gloves to wear. And a red carpet was put down and the soldiers would arrive and give a fanfare as he arrived and he would march up with everybody lined up as he went in. I can remember the same procedure when he left at the end of the day. That was always on the first day of the assizes. A very formal ceremony. And as he left on the last… on the proceedings of the first day, every… you know all the policemen and soldiers and whoever was in there would line up in the atrium and he would come through. I can remember one day I’d been sent on a errand and I came sort of rushing in there and skidding to a halt in this line of people. So I just stood there as he went by, as he went by he just sort of gave me this broad wink. I think he found it amusing as well.

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