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Terry Gaylard – Court Reporter for the Gazette and Herald

Terry Gaylard was interviewed by Lisa Brown, Curator, in 2019. Listen here to 6 extracts from the interview.

Terry, a former Gazette and Herald reporter, often covered Assize Court proceedings and his testimony is full of fascinating insights into how the courts ran and its impact on Devizes.

The Assizes were usually in January here, in the days when we had severe snowstorms. There was one day when two trials were going on and two judges sitting: one in number one court and one in number two. They were sitting late, it was a very dark afternoon, there was a terrific snow fall and the lights failed. They wondered what they would do, so they sent out for candles and holders, and these were brought in, and the trials went ahead. So, you had a rather macabre Mr Justice Hallett, who wore two pairs of spectacles, reflecting in the candlelight!

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