Horns pendant


Beautiful, Custom made Gold plate on silver, cast. Found close to Stonehenge, the original on display in our Prehistory Gallery. Made exclusively for Wiltshire Museum by Tundra Jewellers of Devizes. Supplied in gift box.

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Inspired by a Bronze Age gold pendant in our collection. Gold-plated hallmarked silver on a gold plated chain, Made exclusively for Wiltshire Museum by Tundra Jewellers.

Tundra Jewellers, 2 Old Swan Yard, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 1AT

The pendant was won by a lady who was buried close to Stonehenge. It is in the shape of cattle horns and shows how important the lady was, as wealth may have been measured by how many cattle people owned. Other objects buried with her, including amber from the Baltic, hint that she may have grown up on the continent, and travelled here to marry into a local dynasty.
Wilsford G8, about 1,800 BC

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