A303 Stonehenge, Amesbury and Berwick Down

A303 Stonehenge Tunnel

In 2013, the Government announced that it was launching a fasibility study about options for creating an Expressway to the South West, including options for the A303 alongside Stonehenge.

In 2017 a non-statutory consultation on rout options took place and we prepared a response agreed by our Trustees, based on consultation with our members.

In February 2018, Highways England announced a Statutory consultation on the Preferred Route. The Statutory consultation closes on 6 April 2018.

We will be preparing a response on behalf of the Society to the formal consultation, supported by our A303 Working Group. The process is likely to be:-

  • The A303 Working Group prepare a draft response for consideration by our Board
  • A revised draft published online and Society Members are invited to comment
  • The Working Group prepare a revied draft, based on comments received
  • The Board approve a final response

We will be publishing the draft response on this webpage and will be using Facebook and Twitter to encourage responses and will email our members to keep them informed.

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