Reconstruction of Stonehenge shown from above in the snow


Sketches and paintings produced over the past 10 years by  Peter Dunn archaeological reconstruction artist, whilst working in the UK and overseas. Items from the Museums art collection are also on display, including Sentinel, from Henry Moore’s Stonehenge suite of lithographs, Avebury Restored by John Martin and works by David Inshaw and John Piper. Peter worked as an artist and illustrator for English Heritage from 1985 to 2008,. His work in archaeology has introduced him…


Exhibition of rural traditional art (and some not-so-traditional!)* made by local blacksmith John Girvan in his forge in Devizes. The larger items featured in the displays are more than two metres high and include a handcrafted lily, an alien figure and a huge Trilapod (three-legged spider)! Smaller items are a collection of copper repousse leaf sculptures, animal heads and copper leaf art, a companion set and numerous ornamental fire grate irons and weather vanes. Some…

Devizes War Memorial - semim-circle of plaques with names of those who gave their lives with vases of flowers below.

Wiltshire Remembers: Aftermath of the First World War

This moving exhibition. curated by Richard Broadhead, features a Wall of Remembrance dedicated to the 10,000 Wiltshire fallen of the First World War, including men and women who were members of the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society (WANHS). The exhibition will include: A Wall of Remembrance for the 10,000 who are on memorials, born, buried or associated with Wiltshire. This has never been achieved before and to gaze on the name of the fallen…

Children in the Blue Tokay SNAKES discovery zone

Snakes – A Slither into a Secretive Life

Photo © Blue Tokay Did you know that snakes first appeared around 100 million years ago, evolving from a lizard-like ancestor? Come along to our new exhibition opening from March next year to learn more about this and other extraordinary facts involving the fascinating life of snakes from all around the world.  This exciting exhibition from Blue Tokay uses displays of taxidermy, skeletons and award-winning photography to amaze you. Heather Ault - Exhibitions Officer Snakes…


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