‘DROPPED’ History in the Breaking

A time-based installation by Syann van Niftrik working with filmmaker Zan Barberton http://boundarypictures.com/dropped-history-in-the-breaking/ What is it? It is a stand-alone exhibit that can be easily assembled by a gallery or museum comprising a sculpture and a film (20mins, on a loop) displayed on a flat HD screen occupying the space of a few square metres. A potter – Jonathan Garrett - makes a vessel, which is then dropped and smashed. Archaeologist Lorraine Mepham reassembles it,…

sleeping female figure representing America storm clouds gathering in the background

Winds and Words of War: Posters and Prints from the San Antonio Public Library

The San Antonio Public Library and San Antonio Public Library Foundation own a collection of WW1 propaganda prints and posters, which are on a two-year tour of Europe.  Wiltshire Museum is the only UK exhibition venue for this collection, which will be on display in Devizes from 18th November 2017 until the following April. Allison Hays Lane is the Curator of Winds and Words of War and will be giving a lecture at the Museum…

Reconstruction of Stonehenge shown from above in the snow


Peter Dunn archaeological reconstruction artist will be exhibiting some of his sketches and paintings produced over the past 10 years whilst working in the UK and overseas. Items from the Museums art collection, including Henry Moore’s Stonehenge suite of lithographs, Avebury Restored by John Martin and Sunset at Stonehenge by A V Copley Fielding will also be featured in the displays. Exhibition dates subject to confirmation


Exhibition of rural traditional art made by local blacksmith John Girvan in his forge in Devizes. The larger items featured in the displays are more than two metres high and include a handcrafted lily, an alien figure and a huge Trilapod (three-legged spider)! Smaller items are a collection of copper repousse leaf sculptures, animal heads and copper leaf art, a companion set and numerous ornamental fire grate irons and weather vanes. Some items will be…


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