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Sarsen stone cutters goggles

These steel framed goggles were used by the Free family who had a sarsen stone cutting business at Fyfield from the 1850s to 1939.

Sarsen-working became an important small industry on the Marlborough Downs from 1850 to World War Two. The stone was used for house building and as setts for roads and pavements. The industry reached its height around 1900 owing to the demand for tram setts and pavement curbing. In its final year of operation, in 1939, four loads of sarsen blocks from here were used for repairs to Windsor Castle.

In July 2020, new scientific research showed that the sarsen stone used to construct Stonehenge came from West Woods, where there was extensive quarrying in the 1930's. Tim Daw, Museum Trustee, talks about the sarsen from West Woods.

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