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LECTURE: Who made Avebury? Exploring the 1930s-1940s diaries of William Young

In this talk, Dr Fran Allfrey (University of York) is joined by Prue Saunders and Bev Stapleton, research volunteers for the Avebury Papers Project, to discuss how the project is revealing the stories of the people who made Avebury what it is today.

The Wiltshire Museum have generously supported the project by lending diaries written by William E V Young to be transcribed and photographed.

Young, or 'WEVY', not only kept meticulous notes about excavations at Avebury from 1934 to 1940, he also wrote astonishingly evocative memories of daily life across Wiltshire, especially his home in Ebbesbourne Wake, and visits to other archaeological sites.

By bringing together this material with diaries kept by Alexander Keiller and Denis Grant King held at the Avebury Museum, the full extent of the human effort of the 1930s excavations is made clear.

WEVY's diaries are a vital resource for understanding the social, political and cultural contexts of early 20th century archaeology, providing a window into life 100 years ago.

Please note: the audio was recorded in our Lecture Hall and matched with the presentation after the event. The audio is of variable volume and quality and includes extra sounds.

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