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Museum Research Agenda launched as part of National Framework

The Wiltshire Museum Research Agenda is the first Museum contribution to the Research Frameworks Network, alongside Research Frameworks across the UK. It sits alongside Research Frameworks for the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site, as well as the South West England Archaeological Research Framework. These Research Frameworks are hosted on a WordPress-powered website, developed to encourage linking between the agendas, enabling researchers to cross search across the frameworks for research questions and strategies associated with different places, periods and themes. The website also promotes discussion and debate by encouraging researchers to comment and contribute to updating Frameworks.

The Research Framework was written by Wil Partridge, with an introduction by Lisa Brown, Curator. It was published on the Research Frameworks by Sarah Rousseau, supported by Historic England.

The Research Agenda was developed as part of the Arts Council England funded Wealth of Knowledge Project.

Online talk

Wil Partridge explains about the Wealth of Knowledge Project and the Research Agenda

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