Elevating Wiltshire: Contemporary Art and Aerial Photography


Published and written:  Patrick Dillon (2023) for the Wessex Airscapes: Elevating Wiltshire Exhibition 8th July to 15th October 2023 at Wiltshire Museum
Art: Anna Dillon
Photography: Hedley Thorne
Paperback: 88 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 9780907603030

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Written by Patrick Dillon featuring art work by Anna Dillon and photography by Hedley Thorne from their second Wessex Airscapes exhibition last year at Wiltshire Museum.

Both explore the Wiltshire landscape from above, Anna through her oil paintings and Hedley through Drone photography*

*Hedley has both a current CAA license (comprising Operator ID and Flyer ID) and the advanced A2 certificate for flying his drone, and always flies in compliance with the latest iteration of CAP722.

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